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Try these exercises when you're on your period

We often feel hapless and lethargic during our periods, which makes it tempting to become a couch potato during this time. And whilst there's nothing wrong with snuggling up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a blanket, there are some great advantages to doing at least a few exercises. Regular aerobic exercises can actually decrease PMS symptoms and the associated mood swings and fatigue. Exercising produces endorphins which are mother nature's natural painkiller. By increasing your circulation it can also alleviate cramps, headaches and back pains. Here are some examples of exercises you should consider the next time you're on your period: Walking Walking is great; you can pretty much do it anywhere at any time. And it's...

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The best munchies when your period has arrived

Yes, when my period is there: I indulge. When you're not feeling well, you deserve to mung out on your sofa, to watch films and to satisfy a few cravings. But did you know a lot of food items have beneficial properties, that can help with your mood and relief pain? Here are some of my favorite munchies that I think you should try. 1. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Chocolate! Yum! Packed with endorphin-releasing cocoa chocolate is the ultimate period food. Now the trick here is: get real dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. That Cadbury's bar is not only bad news for the rainforest; it's also bad for your body. However; dark chocolate is packed with nutrients, promotes a healthy bloodflow and lowers blood...

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