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Hi there!

I'm Vanessa. Menstruation is often regarded as something that's gross. It's something that we're not supposed to talk about. Yet, half of the world's population has periods, and it's a perfectly natural thing. Our menstrual cycles are part of being a woman and an important part of being fertile and conceiving.

It was a friend who first told me about the menstrual cup. I live by the sea and plastic pollution is something close to my heart. The potential of this product to lessen my environmental impact was something that immediately appealed to me.

As a woman myself, I firmly believe every woman should be able to access safe and hygienic sanitary facilities to have their periods - no matter where they are.

The menstrual cup is hygienic and very comfortable. They can be worn for up to twelve hours at a time, which means you can rest easy. I decided the world needed to know about this product. This is why I started Period Pride. Since our founding we have expanded our range which now includes many more great products to help us manage our periods, from blankets to hot water bottles.

 Hugs, Vanessa